1) Corruption is more than government contract kickbacks and greasing palms.
... Which corrupt practices can be found in your organization?
Organizations like the World Bank and Transparency International peg corruption at
one trillion dollars, mainly in kickbacks and diverted funds, from where they are
need most. This doesn't include the
downstream effects and consequences of
corruption, which are much higher.

In countries like Mexico, corruption is estimated to cost 15 % of GNP. Bribery alone
has been found to cost $ 110 per capita every year.
... What is corruption costing you?
3) Corrupt practices are spreading everywhere, affecting our way of life.
2) Worldwide, corruption is costing more than a trillion dollars every year.
... How far have they spread into your organization?
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It continues to infect all types of organizations: public and private companies,
governments and financial institutions, and even schools and churches.
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5) You can stop corrupt practices in your organization.
Corruption is spreading around the world, despite many efforts:
  • World institutions mount massive campaigns to halt corruption through
    awareness, transparency and exposure
  • NGOs rate countries and corporations by perceived corruption levels
  • Organizations spend fortunes to install and upgrade systems, controls,
    security measures, transparency and SOx compliance
  • Companies and governments routinely investigate directors, employees,
    suppliers and customers
... We can show you how.
Corruption is not just government contractors with cash-filled briefcases. It is the
distortion of any established process for personal gain -- at another's expense. It
comes in many
types and forms: ranging from padded expense accounts and buyer's
commissions, through workplace theft or harassment, to plagiarism, cheating in
exams, and even teachers favoring the rich kid in school.
4) Corrupt practices account for almost half of profit improvement opportunities.
In 30 years of management consulting, our experience is that almost half of profit
improvement opportunities were found to deal with internal or external corrupt
practices. These savings were often greater than those from improved Sales
and Marketing, cost reduction, or working capital allocation. A much larger share
of profit recovery stems from stopping corruption.
... How much can your profits be improved?
You can develop and implement a strategy to immunize your organization against
corruption, by leveraging existing tools and preparing your people to use them
to detect and reject corrupt practices.
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