Corruption Control Consultants
                                                     Ethical Engineering Team    

  • Fred Voglewede, Managing Director, has three decades of experience as an international
    manager and consultant, helping clients improve business planning, operations and
    integrity in more than 30 countries. A Chemical Engineer with a Philosophy AB and an MBA
    from Notre Dame, he has worked with McKinsey and other top tier consulting firms in many
    industries, and held executive positions with Zeneca/ICI, Sonoco, and CIFRA/Wal-Mart.

  • María del Mar, Director, has 24 years of business and academic experience. With Master's
    degrees in Psychology and Education, and specialized in Values Training and Pedagogy,
    she assures Learning in all courses, workshops and consulting engagements. She has held
    executive positions in the ParPol Group and also taught Education and Didactics at the
    Salesian University for 24 years.

  • Luis, Associate, brings 30 years of experience in Finance and Administration experience to
    the Firm. A CPA with an MBA, he was formerly Treasurer for Ford Credit (Mexico) and Ford
    Motor Company, and a Senior Auditor with Ernst & Young.

  • Manuel, Associate, brings 25 years of Operations and Technical experience to the Firm. A
    Mechanical Engineer with a Systems MBA, he is an accomplished TQM and 6-Sigma trainer,
    who has directed Operations for Packaging, Paper, Glass and Office Supply groups,
    including Dixon and Kimberly Clark.

  • Federico, Associate, brings 30 years of ERP Procurement, Strategy and HR Management to
    the Firm. An Industrial Engineer with an MBA in Finance, he is experienced in Banking and
    Telecommunications, and was a former Practice Director with Ernst & Young.

We also count with several other specialized research associates and consultants, who can be
called upon as their experience and skill sets are required.
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