We have worked with clients to reduce corrupt practices in many different organizations.
Here are some of the challenges we have helped them solve:
Sales Managers setting up own
distributors,  using resources to
compete against the company.
Sales Force abuse of company cars
for personal use, other jobs,
cannibalization and syphoning fuel
Logistics colluding with customs
agents to sequester shipments and
share higher fees and bribes.
CFO speculating in stock, futures
markets with treasury funds and
back-to-back loans.
Personnel coercing recent hires to
spy on department heads and copy
information from other areas.
Management concealed safety
violations and altered accident
statistics reported to HQ and Labor.
Production concealed excessive in-
process inventory, waste and quality
Marketing and Sales colluded to
forge market share, penetration and
performance data.
Accounting colluded with collection
agency to prematurely classify and
commission overdue receivables.
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Corruption Control Consultants
Manager, Shareholders confiscate
employee retirement funds, delay
payrolls for personal financing.
Police Force graft, intimidation and
extortion of precinct merchants and
Shipping and Security colluded to
smuggle finished goods from plant
as recyclable waste material.
Stockholder conflicts of interest with
customers and creditors; ownership
vs. management of companies.
Directors engaged in destructive turf
wars, using internal and external
resources to undermine performance.
Supply Chain director lived in home
rented by major raw materials
supplier, also using company planes.
Purchasing Managers conditioning
sample orders to offshore deposit
of 10 % commission, up front.
Do these challenges sound familiar?
For more information on these and other cases, and how they were solved, please feel free to
contact us.
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