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C O R R U P T I O N   C O N T R O L
Corrupt practices begin as necessary evils,
often as a way of doing business.
Soon they are taken for granted,
even accepted as fringe benefits.
Then, inevitably, they spread,
and grow beyond control.
Despite large investments in controls, SOx and FCPA compliance, many corrupt
practices are rapidly spreading throughout the world, infecting practically every
institution -- and even our most private activities:

    - No country, government, religious organization, business or area is immune.

    - World Bank, TI and other NGOs peg the cost at over U$ 2.6 trillion every year.

    - 4 out of every 5 companies had their results and/or reputation hurt last year.

    How can this be stopped?

Organizations with very low incidence of corrupt practices -- whether companies
or governments -- are not those with strict rules or heavy investment in systems
and controls, but rather those who have 3
fundamental drivers of organizational

We work closely with clients to develop and align these drivers, with maximum
    discretion and confidentiality.