We help our clients improve profitability by reducing corrupt practices, through:

      1) Conferences on corruption, definitions, where it is spreading, how it can
          and should be stopped.

     2) Seminars for Directors, Managers and Employees, to stimulate awareness
          of corrupt practices in the organization, some approaches to solving them,
          and the role each level plays in leadership, prevention and detection.

     3) Workshops and custom-tailored courses, focused on specific ethical breaches
          and how to use Ethical Engineering to avoid their recurrence

     4) Diagnostics of the organization's Ethical Engineering, to find opportunities
          to improve the quality and alignment of their Moral Architecture and Human Capital

     5) Consulting, Coaching and Advisory Services, to solve corruption problems and
         develop strategies to engineer integrity into the organization's culture.

For more information about these services, scheduling and costs, contact us.
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